Kids will be kids. Knocks & tumbles are all a natural part of life. What isn’t, is our 21st century lifestyle. As a result of prolonged sitting, forward head carriage ( technology use), birth trauma and toxicity, the natural functions of the body; to repair-think-move, are impaired.

Children are now displaying symptoms that previously weren’t seen until much later years. Symptomatic indications of a very stressed and overloaded system.

A few include; Concentration, behavioural issues, hypersensitivity, . Simple signs that the full, natural power of the child and their nervous system is not functioning at 100%.

The Greatest Gift, after Life, is Health


For us, being a family practice, there is nothing better than seeing families thrive through the Life by Design program. We will show you simple spinal hygiene techniques to change habits and bring highly effective changes to benefit the whole family. Returning children to ‘full - power’ and setting them up right for life ahead.



All high performing Athletes and Entrepreneurs want to be at their peak - but how do you know if your body is ‘Firing on all Cylinders’?

Am I tapping into my higher sense of creativity to support the evolution of my company & do my team have the right conditions to be able to truly perform at their best ?


Faster recovery time, less injuries.

Increased focus, mental capacity & creativity.

Why do I seem to have a recurrent injury … Why doesn’t it heal? Can I run faster, longer, better…? Over the last 30 years, we have had the pleasure of restoring numerous athletes to their best. Smashing PB’s and helping them find a new place of strength, stamina and performance.

When you apply the Hansson Health principles and begin to restore 10/10 signal to your body & mind, you’ll be amazed what can be achieved.



As you move through the golden years, they should be exactly that. Golden. Quality of life should only get better.

How many people retire and soon become ill? Are we really too old to run, play and keep up with the grand children? 


Is it really just your age that decides that it is time for symptoms and illness to appear ? Worn out hips, heart/lung problems, indigestion, bowel/ prostate issues… If so, why does everyone not get it at the same time ? Cells are designed to constantly renew and repair. So why now, are they not. What conditions within the body are preventing repair.

If you are having issues that are impairing your quality of life, please get in touch. We are here to help.

 A bit like an old tree - if it has grown crooked…it can regrow into a new shape with time, it’s never too late - shape governs function!


With the Hansson Health foundation and principles, you can start taking new steps in a new direction and turn your health around regardless of age.

“ We won’t except age as an excuse or explanation but will help you get more life in your life !” Dr Mats Hansson