Time for change.

Revolutionary new understanding of WHY the body fails. From birth, injury, illness, stressors and lifestyle YOUR body learns to adapt, or compensate ... changing physical alignment, chemical processes, genetic expression and emotional responses to enable you to keep functioning...  



While we applaud the intelligence of the body to try fight on under changing circumstances, this is NOT evolution but a protective temporary response which deviates from it's innate, natural way of performing. It's these deviations that, as they accumulate, lead to the development of SYMPTOMS. The body's way of telling us that it is struggling, adapted as much as it can, pushed too far.  



At Hansson Health, through 30+ years of experience in the field, have a unique treatment protocol which helps the body undo these layers of adaption. As more and more innate, natural function returns... the stress or the symptoms naturally fall away - returning you to a level of health/ability that you thought you had lost years ago... or never even had in the first place!



Unconventionally, we don't seek patients for life. Therefore our work is part treatment, part education. Empoweringly providing YOU with the tools and understanding to prevent symptoms from developing in the first place. Sailing you to a magical place where you can MOVE, BE, THRIVE at 100% without help