Over 30 years of experience in reversing injury, illness and pain




Meet dr mats hansson

Managing Director | Principal Practitioner | Structural Neuro-Dynamic Specialist

Changing the face of health, Mats's approach is based around the fundamental notion that shape governs function. Once organic shape is restored as well as chemical/emotional deficiencies resolved, the powerful innate intelligence of the body...once left unhindered, has the incredible ability to heal.   (his story)



Jasminka Hansson

Practice Manager | Emotional Wellness Author | Event Coordinator

Originally hailing from Vienna, Jasminka has an extensive background in the healing arts. Through her own personal transitions, she was drawn to understanding the deeper dynamics at play within us all. While still actively involved in the international personal development community, Jasminka is devoted to furthering the Hansson Health purpose. Creating a beautiful, elegant space to compliment the ethos and ensure each guest has the highest attention & support along their journey to Ultimate Freedom.