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Meet the Team

Dr. Mats Hansson

Mats Hansson | Managing Director, Principal Practitioner & Structural Neuro-Dynamic Specialist

Almost three decades on, our Centre has evolved into a Centre for health and performance transformation. Which is why at the back end of 2016 we decided the time had come to evolve the business into Hansson Health, reflecting our aim to improve your health and wellbeing. At Hansson Health, our mission is to help you become healthier by increasing your awareness about what is involved and treating the underlying problems.

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Jasminka Hansson

Jasminka Hansson | Centre Director

I am Mats right hand and ensure that the business is running smoothly. My role is also to lead, coach and inspire our wonderful team; helping them to pursue their own goals in becoming confident and strong in themselves. I love art very much and have a special interest for the look and feel of the beautiful Centre we work in.

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