I was introduced to chiropractic at the age of eleven, following an accident playing ice hockey. A head-on accident into the boards made me unable to skate without headaches and feeling ill. A chiropractic adjustment to my top vertebrae soon sorted me out.

Following an ice hockey and now roller hockey ‘career’, and four children,  I can truly endorse the benefits of correct spinal care across the spectrum of sport and life.

Having delivered my four children at home myself and raised them without vaccinations and any form of medication. I am very proud of my family. My wife Jasminka, my left and sometimes even right hand in life and at work, my four children all share my passion for health and wellbeing.

My Education & Career

During my year at a high school in America, I came across a chiropractor and his ten children, all raised the chiropractic way. He introduced me to the principles of body function and how chiropractic allows the body to express its inborn health and vitality by restoring nerve function through proper alignment. He opened my eyes to the Triangle of Health i.e. our physical, emotional and chemical state of play and how one’s health is affected by this micro environment we live in. My then career path to study orthopaedic medicine was instantly derailed.

I enrolled at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth in 1985. After the graduation in 1989, I set up my own Centre in what I thought would be a great place to raise children – Weymouth!

My Ultimate Passion

Almost three decades on, our Centre has evolved into a Centre for health and performance transformation.

Which is why at the end of 2016 we decided the time had come to evolve the business into Hansson Health, which forms a key part of our aim to improve your health and wellbeing.

At Hansson Health our mission is to help you become healthier by increasing your awareness and understanding about what is involved. Someone once said to me “That all makes perfect sense, funny how we seem to have forgotten and lost the plot!” At Hansson Health we call this the common sense approach to solving your health challenges. 1 + 1 has to make 2.

Today we live busy lives, highly influenced by technology, medications, media, stress and appalling food intake combined with hardly any movement. Unfortunately, our bodies do not respond well to these factors and gradually we start to fail/deteriorate. Initially without symptoms, until our bodies cannot cope anymore. I am reminded daily about the amazing power that rests within our bodies when fully unleashed!

I am passionate about the endless scope of a healthy nervous system. To optimise your inborn potential by removing interference (subluxations) and support you on your road to recovery, that really excites me. It’s what drives me on and puts the fire in my belly. It’s an honour and privilege to be able to help you to understand your body and restore its true function. It is with this in mind that I dedicate time regularly to speak to schools, clubs, companies and various organisations.

Closing One Door & Opening Another

In November 2015, I decided with great sadness to de-register as a Chiropractor. Unfortunately, the governmental/political influence on the true scope of real chiropractic practice has reduced its possibilities to assist human vitality as originally intended. The current symptomatic treatment approach has nothing to do with true Chiropractic. Hence my decision to de-register to be able to serve you and my community, better and at the highest level possible.

I am very excited to inform you, I am now back skating yet again at the highest level thanks to what we do here at Hansson Health.

My motto has always been ‘if I can’t fix me, I can’t fix you either’ – to be able to play and use my body any way I choose to regardless of age, it is essential for me. I am mad about hockey and helping people who want to carry on regardless without limits. I feel very privileged to be able to share my almost three decades of wisdom to help you and your family and look forward to meeting you.